Got there for my MOT (pre-booked appointment, so no queue) – left my keys and car with them, got back after an hour to pick up my car and paperwork.

Nice and easy.

* Friendly tip: There’s no waiting/client area, so arrange for somewhere nearby to spend an hour while you’re waiting.

(During “normal” times that’s not an issue, there’s a few cafes / pubs nearby, but atm it’s all closed due to Covid lockdown, so it was a bit more challenging).

Yohay Horev

Awesome garage. Had some faults with my car which needed addressing. Phoned at 1pm, brought the car in at 2pm. All fixed and ready to drive home by 4pm. Excellent, fast and friendly service – highly recommended!

Christopher Boakes

Excellent garage – have now used their services for several years and they’ve never let us down. Peace of mind that they’re honest and reliable. Definitely recommended!

Richard Middleton

Brilliant service definitely the best garage around for being quick, professional and value for money.

Deborah Jordan

My first trip to Marine Garage Services was to diagnose a broken air con in my car. They were local and recommended by the RAC. They found the problem and fixed it the same day and for less than what I was expecting. Pricing was discussed up front. The part was cheaper than before and they passed that savings on to me. So yeah, this was a great experience. They guys were friendly they kept to good social distancing. Happy to have them in the neighbourhood.

Dan CM

Enjoyed the Place.. Good and Friendly Staffs.

Edward Ferrel

If you live anywhere near this place, look no further. Top notch professional service combined with a friendly and polite approach, which seems almost a rarity these days. Nothing seems to be beyond them.

I am always wary of someone who says, “Welcome to our service centre,” dressed in a three-piece suit together with a pristine white shirt.

Give me this place – a man with an oily rag, dirt under his finger-nails and a tin of Swarfega on the shelf – any day.

Ken Farr

Amazing service, a while ago one night I hit a reservation coming into Brighton, i managed to limp it to the garage as they’re close to home, with a mangled wheel and left it there with a note and keys through the letterbox praying something could be done the next day if possible. They were brilliant phoned me straight away the next day put the spare on and got me on the road within a day even though they were clearly busy. A bottle of red and some snacks was the least i could do for these guys. Highly recommend.

Estelle L’Heureux

Brilliant Service, quick and efficient and reasonably priced. Staff were super friendly 5* all round.

emma barallon

Honest workmanship. Quality service.


Nice staff and great service! They offered an appointment very quickly and were very helpful

Adrien Corcilius

Really friendly guys and great service. Would highly recommend!

Adam Main

Great service from the guys – very happy

Dave Sands

Top notch very helpful will definitely be using this garage again

Phil Bates

Very good service

Stuart Brookes

Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, helpful and friendly staff. Very reasonable prices as well. If only all garages were this great.

Alexander Milne

I’ve been here a few times for different jobs on my polo and the customer service/workmanship has been spot on everytime. I went in today with possible brake problem that turned out to be a stone stuck between my brake pad and wheel. I wasn’t charged anything for them finding this out and they also didn’t charge me any labour time for changing a bulb. I was very relieved and so surprised by their honesty and kindness. Not all garages would do that.

Sally Randle

We had a really bad diesel leak between Xmas and new year and the guys at Marine took the car in in the morning and managed to fix it within an hour! They were incredibly professional and did a fantastic job! Would highly recommend their services!

Adam Wookey

I have had a problem with my Seat for the last 3 months. The car was getting to the point where I could not drive it. I had been to 2 garages and they could not source the problem.

I dealt with Dave from marine garage services from day one and within a short time he sorted everything out for me. Dave kept me posted all the way and actually fixed the problem very quickly. I can not praise the service I received enough and the price was so competitive.

Tom M

I had a leak from my fuel tank and my car wouldn’t start today, and after ringing more than 10 repair garages and needing an appointment at short notice, person over the phone (I believe the owner,) was the only one who took time to talk through what had happened and diagnosed what I should do to get it started.. This worked and my car was running!!.. and saved me a massive headache. The expertise and honesty from him was welcomed and I will be using Marine Garage in future!

casey laurent

Always friendly and super helpful; squeezing us in at short notice to replace our failed starter motor really saved our bacon!

Jack Page

Excellent service as always.


I got towed hear by RAC some years ago when my 330d wouldn’t start – the patrol recommended them.

They weren’t open and my car was left on site. When I called them in the morning they were very friendly considering my car had been abandoned on their property and agreed to investigate.

The fault was diagnosed a a diesel fueling issue,and they were very honest in recommending I take the car to a diesel specialist down the road.

They didn’t charge me for their time and helped me get the car started when I arrived so I could get it to the other garage.

Alex Welsh

After months of having the sound of a dying animal coming out of my engine, I finally went to marine garage to get a diagnosis. The receptionist was very helpful and within a couple of hours I was phoned to be told the issues with my car. By 16:00 pm the same day a new aux drive belt and tensioner had been fitted, all for a reasonable price. Customer service has been brilliant and would definitely recommend.

Natasha Clegg

Amazing staff/ and owner. Helped me out with a prompt diagnosis and very reasonable pricing !! This is now my regular garage for sure!

Terry McFarlane

Brilliant service! True local heros!!! we were in Brighton viewing houses far from our base in Chichester. When our car broke down on a hill, one local suggested calling these guys and sure enough 10 minutes later he appeared! After a couple minutes, he fixed the initial issue and bump started our car so that we could get it back to Chichester, these guys know what they are doing and more importantly can be trusted.

Harry White

Another garage, no names…. said my windscreen washer wasn’t working and failed its MOT and the whole unit within the steering column had to be replaced costing hundreds of pounds. Second opinion needed.

So popped it in to Marine garage who called me half an hour later to pick up the car saying the rubber tube carrying the water sometimes gets twisted when the bonnet is closed. No charge……

Excellent all round and not cowboys or charlatans…..

Lola Perrin