Why Is It Important To Get My Car Serviced?

Why Is It Important To Get My Car Serviced?

We rely on our vehicles both for personal use and for business.

Imagine trying to the school run without your car. Imagine standing at the bus stop having just seen two buses sail past the end of the road. Imagine standing huddled against the driving rain by the side of a busy motorway as you await a recovery vehicle. Imagine telling your business clients that you have to cancel your meeting as your car won’t start.

As much as it is easy to see why having your car off the road is an inconvenience, a service provides a more important aspect – that of safety.

Marine Garage Vehicle Services include the following checks:

      • Brakes
      • Steering
      • Suspension
      • Tyres, and tyre pressure
      • Lighting
      • Windscreen wipers
      • Oil and Filters
      • Spark Plugs

You will only know that the vehicle you are driving is safe if you have it regularly serviced by an experienced mechanic.

This is why Marine Garage offers you a choice of three different service packages, ensuring there is the right option for you and your vehicle:

  • Marine Garage Interim Service
  • Marine Garage Full Service
  • Marine Garage Major Service