Effective vehicle diagnostics are essential for successful repairs and the smooth running of your car. If you have a warning light appear on your dashboard it can relate to any number of problems with your vehicle; a qualified mechanic skilled in vehicle diagnostics can quickly diagnose what is specifically at fault with your vehicle.

Diagnostics are only the beginning of the journey though. At Marine Garage our technicians will look beyond just the error codes to determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. Not only do we have the correct specialist equipment for vehicle diagnostics, but we also have the experience required to see beyond the presenting problem and get your car repaired and running efficiently.

If you have a warning light come up on your car, we don’t advise that you just ignore it and hope it will go away. For any concerns that you may have about your vehicle we are but a phone call away so do please get in touch and let us help you drive away in comfort and safety.

Our car diagnostics include all of the following:

    • Ignition timing issues
    • Fuel Injector Performance
    • Engine R.P.M. levels
    • Air/Coolant Temperatures

If your issue is not listed here, the chances are we can still identify the issue and get this resolved for you.

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