Car Restoration Services

Car Restoration Services

We love all aspects of our work at our Brighton garage, but one aspect that lifts our spirits is when we have a car restoration project to carry out.

One such job involved us fully restoring a classic Mini that had not moved for several years. The entire vehicle needed restoring, and we had the pleasure of being involved in all of the mechanical repairs, changes, and upgrades. We were particularly proud of our re-bored engine.

For this little car the story was a complete success – not only did she manage to take part in her first ever London to Brighton Mini Run, she then went on to complete a charity rally in the height of summer, crossing Europe through France, Italy, and on into Spain, to Barcelona and back up to Bilbao – over 2,000 miles in 40deg+ heat.

We’re more than willing to consider any make or model of car for bringing it back from the dead, or just to get it running smoother than it is already.


Car Restoration Services in Brighton

We'll look at any make and model of car to get it fully restored and back on the road