Why You Need To Service Your Car

Having your vehicle serviced regularly can help you to save money. Marine Garage services will ensure that your car is more fuel-efficient and is running safely meaning you are far less likely to suffer a breakdown.

Regular services help you limit the everyday wear and tear on your car and will help reduce the depreciation value if the time comes to sell it – a full service history can add significant value and will attract more interest and better prices.

There have been instances whereby vehicle owners have been caught foul of warranty rules and regulations and payments have been declined because the vehicle had engine or transmission failures that would have come to light and been dealt with had they put their car in for regular servicing.

Servicing your car is not the same as the mandatory MOT – an MOT only covers the basics of safety. Servicing your car will ensure you have an efficient and safe road vehicle that you can rely on and are happy to drive.

We understand how important it is for you to trust the garage that is servicing your vehicle. That is why we will always aim to speak with you before the service is carried out to ascertain whether you feel there are any problems with your car and we will then tailor our services to your needs.

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