Marine Garage Service

Why Is It Important To Get My Car Serviced?

We rely on our vehicles both for personal use and for business. Imagine trying to the school run without your car. Imagine standing at the bus stop having just seen two buses sail past the end of the road. Imagine standing huddled against the driving rain by the...

Car Repair Services in Brighton

With over 35 years hands on experience at mechancial care repairs, Marine Garage have the knowledge and expertise to repair your car. Whatever the make or model of your car, Marine Garage will be happy to carry out the work required to get you up and running again. Whether you know what is wrong with your...

Diagnostics and Vehicle Checks

Effective vehicle diagnostics are essential for successful repairs and the smooth running of your car. If you have a warning light appear on your dashboard it can relate to any number of problems with your vehicle; a qualified mechanic skilled in vehicle diagnostics can quickly diagnose what is specifically at fault with your vehicle. Diagnostics are...